Riding a Kismet Moment
Stamp Tracing with Gwen Lafleur’s New Peacock Stamp Set

Rust Prints, Bleach Prints, and Cyanotype Prints on Vintage Textiles



Just a heads up that my spring column for the StencilGirl Talk Blog is available.  This time I’m sharing tips on buying and cleaning vintage textiles and three techniques for printing on them using the sun. You can read all about it here.  

I hope you’ll stop by and see the process pics for this textile Cyanotype project using Rae Missigman’ s Botanical Wildflowers Stencil and my own Jardiniere Stencil design. 

D3E46615-7C3E-4A6E-B545-BBDB77CAFE03Until next time.... Hugs, Jill

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