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Just a quick post to show you how easy it is to mix, match and layer the three new stencils in Gwen Lafleur's new Ceramic Tiles Collection being released as the July 2018 StencilClub set. StencilGirl® will be mailing them out to members on 7/15/18 so if you haven't yet joined, now is the opportune time for Gwen Lafleur fans to sign up. (Click on the same link to also see a list of all the perks.)  It's the only way that you'll be able to complete your Stencil Collection of Gwen's designs.

I've been a member myself for over two years now and can honestly say that its one of the best investments I've made in my arting life.    

I got the chance to play with this set before they were officially released by StencilGirl® and I'm excited to show you the art journal spread that I created with them.  The collection definitely has that classic "Lafleurish" style that Gwen is known for. 

image from gwenyth.typepad.com

Gwen has a  Video introducing the Ceramic Tiles Collection  on the StencilGirl® Talk Blog.  The collection will be mailed on 7/15/18 to StencilClub members.  In addition, you'll get online access to Gwen's Single Sheet Art Journal Mini Class so you can learn her tips and techniques for using them.

I used all three stencils in my art journal spread as well as a stamp that I designed and carved during Carve December.

 IMG_8617I started with a gessoed page and collaged book text and Japanese Illustration Wide Washi Tape with matte medium.   I wish I knew what language the book text is written in as the script is visual poetry to me.  


I adhered pieces of vintage wallpaper on the pages with matte medium and then let the inner child in me out.  This was accomplished by scribbling all over the pages with a Stabilo Woody pencil.


A wash of Gesso unified and calmed the colors.


Now that the back ground was done, I started to construct my focal point mandala style.  I used a cosmetic sponge to apply Black Archival Ink through the 6X6 Stencil to make the central circle.


Then I expanded the design with a second circle of Fleur De Lis.  I used washi tape to mask off a single Fleur De Lis and it's surrounding circle, to create a "rounded corner" that fit perfectly in between two of the previously stenciled Fleur De Lis.  Then I repositioned the stencil so that the bottom of the masked off section sat on the outer edge of the center circle.  I repeated this three more times around the outer edge to create a second ring of Fleur De Lis.


To create the third circle, I used one of my Carve December stamps to create ring of leaves.  I colored the leaves in with Copic markers.


Then I used the 6X6 stencil again to create another element that I cut out and adhered to the center design to add dimension.  I stenciled on the backside of the paper then outlined the elements I wanted to usep with a Pitt Pen.


Then I cut out the elements with an Exacto blade.


I made a second element out of one of the 9X12 circular patterns by stenciling it onto a scrap of vintage wallpaper and then cutting it out with scissors.


Then I layered both elements onto the page, adhering them down with matte medium.

I added more interest into the background with the 4X4 repeating stencil.  This time I just traced the design with a pencil and then pushed some of the elements into the background with a wash of gesso.  I added additional interest by stenciling one of the 9X12 circles over the center.  I love how this set fits so well together.  Its so easy to mix and match elements.


I expanded the design with a forth circle with elements of the 9X12 stencil.  


Finally, I further developed the colors and added shading with Golden Acrylic paint, Golden Satin Glaze, Pitt Pens, and Copic® Markers.  Here are some close ups of the finished art journal spread. 





Hope your set is on its way to your mailbox and that you enjoy it as much as I do!

Hugs, Jill 








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