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Artist Tribe - Kuchi Patch Hooked Wall Hanging Using a Locker Hook

It's Kuchi Time!

All of us in the Artist Tribe have been busy creating projects to showcase colorful, beaded Afghan Kuchi patches.  It's my turn today and I can't wait to share my project with you and show you how you can make this easy wall hanging out of rug canvas, Sari Ribbon, and a Kuchi Patch.  You'll need 2 different hook rug tools for this project, a traditional latch hook and a new tool for me:  a Locker Hook.


Recently I saw a hooked rug with pattern and texture I'd never seen before.  After doing some research to find out how it was made I decided to try to incorporate what I'd learned into my Kuchi wall hanging design.  It turned out that key was using a Locker Hook.

A Locker Hook looks like a crochet needle with a wonderful large eye on one end to thread yarn through (Best if all, no reader cheaters needed, LOL)

Here are the supplies and tools that I used to make my wall hanging:

To begin I cut a piece of latch rug canvas just slightly larger than my finished design. Then I folded the edges of the canvas over to the back, and used the locker hook threaded with Sari Ribbon to add a blanket stitch to finish the edges.

Fold over the canvas edges on all four sides
Add a Blanket Stitch around all four edges.

 Then I hand sewed my Sari Patch onto the canvas using a needle and thread.

Next I cut some of the Tibet Jewels Sari Ribbon into 3" strips and using a regular latch hook created a border around the Kuchi Patch.

I used a traditional Latch Hook for the first border


Now for the fun part - putting the Locker Hook to work!  First, thread the Locker Hook with a length of scrap yarn.  This yarn can be any color since it won't be visible when you're finished.


Then, with your left hand holding the end of the Beach Bonfire Chiffon Sari Ribbon under the canvas, (no need to cut it from the skein), push the hook of the Locker Hook through the first hole of the canvas, hook the Sari Ribbon from underneath, and then pull the sari ribbon up through the hole to the top of the canvas. 

Pull a loop of Sari Ribbon up to the top of the canvas with the Locker Hook

 With the first loop still on the hook, push the hook down into an adjacent hole and pick up another loop of Sari Ribbon.  Pull the second loop to the top of the canvas.  Continue to pull up more loops until the Locker Hook is full.

Pull another loop up through the canvas. Now there are two loops on the Locker Hook.
Continue to add loops until the Locker Hook is full

When the Locker Hook is full of loops, pull the Locker Hook and the yarn through them all to "Lock" the loops in place. 

Lock the loops by pulling the hook and thread through them.

Locker Hooking is fast, fun, and easy to do.  You can get rows of loops locked into place in no time no time.


Here is a pic after several rows were completed.  In one area I used the locker hook as a needle to add a satin stitched shape to add a new texture to my design.

Here's the finished hooked area.


To finish the piece I added a piece of decorative metal from my stash, braided Sari Ribbon, and some Turkman Jewels.

I really love my new Kuchi Patch Wall Hanging.  October is Kuchi Patch Month at Gwen Lafleur Studio which means that all Kuchi Patches in the Shop are 15% off through the end of the month. Just use the coupon code 15OffKuchiPatches at checkout!  

 Thanks for stopping by to discover more Infinite Possibilities.   Until next time...  Hugs, Jill


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