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Mixed Media Journal Page - An Artist Tribe Project

Announcing Gwen Lafleur's Artistic Tribe!

  image from I am so excited that I'm finally able to share that I am one of five artists chosen to be a member of Gwen Lafleur's very first Artist Tribe.  I am thrilled to have this opportunity to collaborate with such a talented group of women including Gwen herself.  

Gwen has been a constant source of inspiration for me ever since I was bitten by this mixed media bug three years ago.  I have watched all of her Facebook, Instagram and Blog posts in awe, enrolled in her classes, purchased just about ever StencilGirl Stencil she's designed, and hoarded a huge stash of curated art supplies from Gwen's Shop.  If you look closely, there is a little bit of Gwen's magic somewhere in many of the journal pages I've created. Its such an incredible honor to have been chosen to be a member of this team and I'm looking forward to being inspired by the creativity that flows through it.  Stay tuned!

Just a few of Gwen's stencils that are in my collection. Can you tell that they are well loved?


And some of the curated art supplies in my stash from Gwen's store

For those you who may not know Gwen, here are just a few samples of some of her art that have inspired me.

image from
image from
image from
image from

  image from

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