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August 2017 StencilGirl Voices - Project 1

Learning to Fly - New Infinity Art Flip

Learning to Fly Oak seed Butterfly

I've been having so much fun making Infinity Art Flips lately.  They remind me of the picture books I used to read to my kids many years ago.  Every time I'd get to the end of the story, they'd beg for me to read it to them over again, and again, and again.

Learning to Fly is a small Flip, created on a 3"X3" base with a background of india inks, a little collage material and stencils.  The main characters of my story include a butterfly and flower fashioned from some oak seed pods, (aka those little twirly bird helicopters that fly down from the trees each spring) sealed with just a little encaustic medium, and a vintage postage stamp.

The turning of each Infinity Flip is as addictive to me as the turning of those chunky little book board pages was to my kids.  Its hard for me to put one of these down.  I love running my thumbs over the different textures of each scene and hearing the click of the card stock as each turn is made to reveal the next chapter of the story to me.

First Flip
Second Turn of the Flip
Third turn of the Flip
Final Turn of the Flip

If you'd like to make your own Infinity Art Flip,  I've created a YouTube video  to show you how to make the base of a 4"x4" card.  Give one a try and then go ahead and decorate it with your own story.  Proceed with caution though.  Or you might just become addicted like me too!



The Back of the Fourth Flip - A different perspective



6¢...Really?  Times really have changed!

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